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What is a facade?

Bridge Blue Consultancy provides professional design services for facade works, value engineering services for facades, presence and technical support for the facade site works. A façade refers to one side (usually the front) or many front sides of a building. It is an integral piece to the overall design of a building, it is the exterior skin of a construction, the shape and it represents the image of the building. Through an appropriate façade design, the final result provides the opportunity to create a personality and character to a building. Facades can come in many shapes and sizes, and it is really a chance for the architect to showcase their talent by bringing a building to life.

Although a façade is often associated with older buildings and prestigious buildings, any building can create a recognizable façade. Modern facades are one of the most creative ones, astonishing concepts can be created with contemporary materials and unique personalities can be provided to the new constructions. Using various types of materials and systems, many types of facades can be designed by the architects or experienced designers.

A curtain wall is a type of façade that has no structural impact. It is a separate structure attached to the building. This is particularly common in modern architecture where the architect simply utilizes a design but doesn’t bring it into the structural support of a building. Ventilated facades are those ones made of a modern materials / layers, in which the exterior material is the most important one, then the air layers is following and then the thermoinsulated layer finishes the job appropriately.

Our team is passionate about demonstrating how modern architecture and buildings can utilize facades to enhance building designs. A simple yet elegant façade design can suddenly change the character of a building and how it is perceived. This is the power of great design and this is something we work tirelessly at creating. We are experienced façade designers, with projects all around the world and you can count on us for the best results in a construction design.

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