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How façade design should be performed

Bridge Blue is one of the top facade designing companies in Romania and the team is providing value engineering services for facades, professional facade design, consultancy and technical support during the construction works. A building’s facade is the final realization of the design, and a huge parameter in how successful it is as an environment, for work or leisure. The envelope is the building’s outer skin and its connection to the city – it must make sense in both roles at once. Bridge Blue has dozens of experienced designers and already efficiently built envelopes that set new standards.

When we design building envelopes and façades, our goal is to provide realistic and efficient technical solution, to fit in the budget, to decrease the fabrication and installation time, our aim is to reduce energy consumption and create a comfortable, healthy, secure and safe environment, while at the same time meeting the architectural and aesthetic requirements of the project. Bridge Blue designs one of the best projects in Europe and our facades offer the required energy performance and produce a great experience for investors, architects, occupants, visitors and tenants alike.

Our cities are becoming bigger and more complex from year to year. They struggle with growing heat, traffic, need for parking places and pollution (among many others). That’s why building envelope design requires us to consider every element together, from a building’s position, to its use, the proposed materials and client’s operational goals. We then explore ways a building’s external envelope can provide natural ventilation, how it will allow the needed natural light, how acoustic comfort will be achieved with facades that prevent energy input while also contributing usefully to its active energy requirements. Our work is a balancing act, a design challenge and always an opportunity to achieve something new and innovative.

We are also increasingly designing green building envelopes, in order to reach Breeam or Leed green certifications, standards to help clients operate buildings that can make a significant contribution to solving current problems relating to storm water management, particulate matter pollution and inner-city overheating.

Our team develop the most efficient (technically but also economically) combinations of insulation, heating and shading in every project. We’re also rethinking the fundamentals, increasingly choosing materials that use less embedded energy and lower CO2 emissions, using re-usable elements in keeping with circular economy principles maintaining it well for longer future use.

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